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Future unknown; ask again later

May 26, 2010

As I wade my way through stretching fields of cars, structures, women
I, blindly, trudge along.
Guiding me is my trust and my love.
I have the utmost faith that my feet will land firmly on the ground again.
For that is the way of the universe.  Take a leap…
and it will catch you.

Perched precariously upon the precipice. No longer a question of if I step off, but when. For months, I have envisioned this unfolding. Almost from Day 1 in fact. The weight of desire, of temptation, of experience became too overbearing to put aside as merely a decision for the future. The future is here, now.

Everyone’s got their story (or a story relayed to them by a friend/confidant/familial relation/lover) of what a “breakup” looks like. Some end in tears, with the breaker relenting to the tears of the breakee. Others end in fights, former lovers and friends cursing each other’s names and wishing bodily harm, financial ruin or even death upon the other. In this way, with the stories of friends and the collective experience of mankind falling into a sort of pattern and behaving within certain perfect little boxes, one could say that there is a precedent for what a “breakup” is supposed to look like.

But really, isn’t all Human thought, behavior, action unique and inherently new because each of us is unique and inherently different?

Now imagine that same scenario, though this time without tears, without hollering, without guilt-trips. Imagine coming to a place of love. Of loving life and being open to change, embracing it with all your being.

This is where I find myself today, Wednesday May 26, 2010. I’m thankful for the experiences I’ve had and continue to have and am so absolutely consumed with excitement for what the future holds.

Take it from me: be honest with yourself. Be open to new things. Allow yourself, when something is screaming in your ear for your attention, to listen and to be excited for new possibilities. Allow yourself to be vulnerable. Allow yourself to be guided by what’s around you.

To think how freeing, and insanely beautiful, the truth is. . .

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