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Job serenity

June 2, 2011

Somehow, through a combination of good vibes and good luck, I have found a truly blessed job. And in that, I have found stability. Especially since September when I began this experiment that is managing a restaurant. I had no precedent for what that would mean. I didn’t go to business school. Though I had some experience in food service I did not grow up in restaurants. All I had was whatever experience I had tucked in my back pocket and the passion for food that lived in my soul and in my belly. I am someone who believes in open lines of communication and constantly striving to be better, to be different, to change, to grow. I believe in sustainability and of minimizing my footprint. I believe in honesty and the merits of simply being your own unique individual. Though I was raised in privileged upper-middle class New Jersey I am not driven by money and believe that capitalism should go hand in hand with (and to some degree to be beholden to) being responsible living on this planet. We live in precious times. Life is a precious time. It’s all about now. It’s also about being hopeful for tomorrow. Life can be great.

And with all that at my disposal I get to run a restaurant. Run it. It sort of feels inconsiderate to say that honestly. There is a cast of characters equally important and in some cases probably harder working. But the great thing about my job is that it requires me to float about the restaurant. One minute I may be making lattes and the next placing an order for produce. One minute expediting in the kitchen making a salad or passing a chicken portion to Skye (the head chef workhorse of the kitchen) and the next taking a leisurely walk to the bank for change. (Young single power-drunk man’s NOTE: All of this happens with an ever-watchful eye for the many beautiful women who frequent my home away from home.) This flexibility allows me to pace myself and also provides me a measure of light-heartedness that enables me to find joy amidst the chaos. I also happen to really enjoy…well…everything about the hours usually spent between the hours of 8am and 10pm.

I get to make beautiful hearts in deliciously creamy frothy refreshing lattes. I get to serve people delicious food and get to have them literally applaud when I approach. I get to see 20 of my closest friends everyday. I get to work with fantastically creative interesting people whom I love. I get to be in charge. I get to be myself. I get to learn about food and about myself everyday.

I get to live.

And let me tell you, living is exhilarating.

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